Bones & Baths Himalayan Cheese Dog Treat Long Lasting Hard Natural Dental Chew, Medium Size, Suitable for Dogs under 35 lb

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Bones & Baths Himalayan Yak Cheese Dog Chews are premium quality, long lasting sources of protein, and a great healthy and natural alternative to other chews and treats out there. In addition, they promote oral health by helping them remove tartar and plaque. They also keep your dogs busy as they take hours and even days to go through our dog chew. We are proud to offer these products to you and are dedicated to the well-being of your dogs.

-Cow/Yak Milk
-Lime Juice
- No preservatives or other chemicals

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein Min......56.2%
Crude Fat Min.................0.9%
Crude Fiber Max............0.4%
Moisture Max..................14%

Compare to any other brands, Baths & Bones Dog Chews are just as good, if not, better in nutrition. And price!

How they are made:
The process starts with hand milking the pasture grazed yaks and cows. A human powered separator skims the cream away from the milk and then skimmed milk is used to make these all-natural chews. They are made in the country of Nepal.

These Medium Dog chews are good for most dogs under 15 lbs. If they are not finished in one sitting, pat them dry and store in dry place for use another day. Supervision is recommended.