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A SHAPE DOGS LOVE: Dogs love plush toys that are as cuddly as they are chewable. Outward Hound Fattiez have the perfect round shape that dogs can cozy up with and squeak with all day long. SILLY SQUEAK SOUNDS: Outward Hound Fattiez dog toys are built to squeak to their own silly sounds. The Fattiez Cow makes a unique grunting sound mimicking a cow!. MOLAR TOUGH: Don’t be fooled by these cute animals, Outward Hound Fattiez are as durable as they are cute and are made with minimal seams for a more round, yet tough molar shape. CUDDLY CHARACTER: This Fattiez Cow is perfect for smaller to medium sized pups who are in need of a new squeaky friend. FARM ANIMAL FUN: Bound to become your dog’s favorite farm animal, Outward Hound Fattiez Cow is big on sound, size and fun.

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