Seachem® Multitest™ Marine pH & Alkalinity 75 Count

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Marine pH should be 8.2—8.4. Tanks dosed with limewater may go as high as 8.6. Natural sea water has a total alkalinity of 2—3 meq/L, but aquarium water should have a total alkalinity of 4—6 meq/L. This test kit features a unique dye that has a pronounced color change between 8.0 and 8.3, making it the easiest kit on the market to read in that critical range. It is suitable for marine or brackish water only. Alkalinity may be read from the same sample in 0.5 meq/L increments. MultiTest™ Marine pH & Alkalinity performs over 75 tests and contains a reference sample for validation. This kit measures total alkalinity. Total alkalinity is a measure of the carbonate, bicarbonate, borate and hydroxide content of the water, expressed as the acid neutralizing capacity of the water in meq/L (milliequivalents/Liter). The expression of alkalinity as meq/L is chemically sound and the most useful way to express this property of the water to resist change in pH. MultiTest™ Marine pH & Alkalinity Kit Contents: Marine pH Reagent, Alkalinity Reagent, pH Reference, Alkalinity Reference, Alkalinity Pipette, Sample Pipette, Stir Rod, pH Color Chart, Multi-Cavity Test Plate, Instructions. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN! Reagents may be irritating. Avoid skin or eye contact. Do not drink. pH Reagent is ?ammable. In case of contact wash thoroughly with water.

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