Felisept® Home Comfort Diffuser Set for Cat 1.52 Oz

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How It Works: Felisept Home Comfort Set contains an electric aroma diffuser and the associated bottle. The fragrance contained creates a relaxed, feel-good atmosphere for your cat and helps in a natural way to calm and reduce stress and anxiety. Felisept Home Comfort helps to control unwanted behavior (such as urine marking, hypersensitivity or irritability). The active substance in Felisept is an extract of Catnip (Nepeta cataria L.) - a plant of the Lamiaceae family, which also includes different species of mints. The plant is known under the name of “cats mint“ because of its particular attraction for cats and other feline species. This is due to a substance in the plant called nepetalactone. Nepetalactone plays the role of a social calm and therefore is particularly good in stressful situations related to social interactions or territoriality problems. Veterinary clinical studies showed that the ingredients in Felisept Home Comfort have provided a decrease in the frequency of behaviors related to stress within a few days. More than that, these studies outlined that the calming effect of Nepetalactone itself increases and becomes even more pronounced when used for an extended period of time. Directions for use: Unscrew the child safety cap of the vial and screw into the electric diffuser. Plug the diffuser into a power outlet. The diffuser will start to be effective after approximately 1 hour and to be most effective should remain plugged in. Suitable for an area of approximately 500 sq. ft. for up to 30 days. The diffuser can be used in households in the presence of humans and animals. After 30 days, or when the vial is empty, unplug the entire diffuser and replace vial with a Felisept refill.

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