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Zoo Med Laboratories Paludarium Filter for Aquatic Animals Up to 20 Gallons

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The Zoo Med Paludarium Filter — 20 is a sleek, low profile filtration system for paludarium enclosures. As paludariums are part terrestrial and part aquatic, it is paramount to have a strong, powerful filter that ensures clean and consistent water quality. The unit is full submersible and is designed to fit into the corners of most paludariums to save on precious space. Being quite versatile, the Zoo Med Paludarium Filter — 10 can be mounted either vertically or horizontally depending on your needs, features an outflow arm that can be rotated 90 degrees as well as an adjustable dial to precisely control flow rate. Using a small door, the unit can open up to reveal filter media cartridges which allow aquarists to quickly and easily remove cartridges without having to remove the entire filter from the enclosure. Suitable for paludariums with up to 20 gallons of water. Comes with an extra long, 9.8' cord for added freedom.

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