Spot® Ethical Pet Kitty Yarn Puffs Small Ball 4 pack

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Provide your kitty with brain stimulation with these fun yarn puffs. Whether you're a cat owner, a pet sitter or a kitten lover, it's important to keep your fluffy friends happy, excited and stimulated. This yarn puff toy will do just that. A bright and cheerful experience that enhances your pets daily quality of life. We created SPOT Kitten Yarn Puffs to provide your pup with enrichment, brain stimulation and loads of fun. Designed with your kitty's favorite colors we are sure your furry friend will thoroughly enjoy this puff balls and will enhance his play time experience. So grab your adorable furry pet; we'll provide the ultimate stimulating and self entertaining cat toy, with catnip flakes! Product details: Soft, colorful and vibrant design . Contains catnip flakes to entice your cat . A great toy for solo playing. Keep your fluffy child busy while you cook dinner! Keeps dog busy and helps with boredom. 100% Money back guarantee! Whether you call it a yarn puff ball, a kitten mental stimulation toy, a kitty catnip toy or a toy for bored cats . Whether your pet is big or small, an American Shorthair, Bengal Cat, Birman, Persian Cat, Himalayan Cat, Bombay Cat, Manx Cat, Turkish Van, American Wirehair, Singapura Cat, Comric or any other breed, your kitten can play. So enhance play time today with this kitty toy .

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