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Vetri-Science Laboratories® Probiotic Everyday for Dogs 60 bite-sized chews

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Does your dog suffer from frequent stomach issues or often eat something he shouldn't? Vomiting, diarrhea and other GI issues are common reasons for emergency vet visits. But, you can help relieve your pup's GI distress with VetriScience's Probiotic Everyday. Probiotic Everyday features the right combination of probiotics and prebiotic fiber to restore a critical balance of ?good? bacteria in your dog's GI tract. A healthy balance of friendly bacteria is critical to your dog's overall health and well-being. The formula features Ganeden BC30, a patented and highly-stable probiotic strain that supports your dog?s digestive and immune system health. It may also help reduce gas, bloating and even bad breath. Prebiotic fiber known as FOS helps inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and support regularity. Probiotics can also help normalize your pet?s digestion during stressful times or medicinal treatment. They can help calm your dog's nervous stomach and relieve GI issues due to stress or medication. Your pup will not only feel better but your next car trip or vet visit may be a much better experience. Your dog will even look forward to their daily probiotic chew.

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