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Pets Pick Red Cedar Shaving Bedding 2 cubic feet

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Pets stay odor-free, warm and dry, making it an ideal addition to your pet housing. The cedar wood chips are kiln dried for better absorption and to remove harmful bacteria. Each bag is triple screened to remove irritating dust. A sanitary bedding for your furry friends, it can keep things smelling good longer. The cedar chips for dogs are an economical way to keep your pets comfortable yet sanitary in their areas. Easy to clean up when soiled, the chips can be replaced readily as the package is lightweight and easy to handle. They come in a bag for easy storage until needed, to clean your pets' bedding area out. The chips have a dark color that is highly visible. With a fresh scent, pet living areas will smell nice while maintaining a clean look for an extended amount of time. The bedding is lightweight, making it a simple option for caring for your pets' housing areas. This Pet's Pick Cedar Bedding will make a helpful addition to your pet care gear with its reliable blend of materials and lasting design

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