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Liquid Health™ K9 Complete 8-in-1 Daily Multivitamin for Dogs 32 OZ

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Most pets commercial diets are woefully deficient. Attempts to make up for these nutrient deficiencies by adding cheap, feed grade, non-bioavailable vitamins and minerals to dog foods or feed supplements dont come close to filling in the gaps of what modern science has shown is ideal for your pets health and well-being. This is where K9 Complete, a multivitamin for dogs comes in.
Liquid Health K9 Complete 8-in-1 is a multivitamin for dogs specifically designed to provide the most nutrient-dense supplements available to make up for common nutritional deficiencies in your dogs modern diet. Utilizing the most comprehensive nutrients mother nature can provide, K9 Complete 8-in-1 is designed to supply the most bio-available forms of required nutrients using high quality ingredients.

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