Aquatop® UV Replacement Bulb 9 Watt for FZ9, SP9UV, CF400UV, CF500UV, UVP9, UVE9, UVCP9 & UVFK9

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AQUATOP 9 Watt UV replacement bulb compatible with the following AQUATOP products: CANISTER FILTERS: FZ9 Canister Filter with UV9W Sterilizer - 450 gph, CF-400UV Canister Filter with UV9W Sterilizer - 370 gph, CF-500UV Canister Filter with UV9W Sterilizer - 525 gph. Pond UV Sterilization: Submersible Pump UV Sterilizer - UVCP-9, Submersible Pond UV Sterilizer with Pump + Fountain Kit UVFK-9, Pond Canister Filter - CPF Series. UV Sterilizers / Pumps: Internal Filter with UV Sterilizer - SP9-UV, UV Sterilizing Pump - UVP-9, UVE Sterilizing Pump - UVE-9.

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