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Boxiecat Scoop & Tie Litter Bags make daily litter box maintenance handy with leak-proof bags wide enough to fit any scoop. With convenient handles to tie, these unscented bags seal out odors and safely secure waste for easy disposal. Contains additive to break down faster than traditional plastic.

Why We Love It

  • Conveniently contains waste: tie these litter disposal bags with handles to seal in scooped up waste odors.
  • Wide opening to fit any size scoop: measuring 7 x 13. 5 Inches, you won't spill litter with these large bags.
  • Contains additive to break down sooner than traditional plastic bags.

About Boxiecat

Boxiecat’s mission is to be good for animals, good for people, and good for the planet. We are a small, family-owned company with a focus on solving problems, offering incredible value and creating the best experience for the consumer with longer lasting products. We use premium materials and all natural ingredients to create the highest quality products ranging from clay and lightweight barley cat litters, litter extenders and accessories, to pet stain and odor removers.


Plastic bags with additive to break down faster than traditional plastic

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